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Re: Frozen webs and Aperture question

I generally do not go beyond f11, and I also use Aperture priority (out and about) or Manual mode (off camera flash).

I just tried a quick experiment looking into this macro - deep DoF thing. I tried the 14-42 with a close up lens on the front, then the 50mm macro, then the Tamron 90 macro, all at f11, all at minimum distance from target. The unhelpful answer I get is that the 14-42 (even with the close up lens) does not have the same magnification as the other two by a long way.

The Tamron and the 50mm produce near identical results: similar magnification and depth of field but with differing working distances. The depth of field is pretty minimal in either case..

I don't think there is an easy way to get depth of field when close up, specially if you restrict yourself to f11

However you could try to adapt a Frazier lens to 4/3rds !!

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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