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Re: Frozen webs and Aperture question

To say that diffraction kicks in at say F8 on 4/3rds isn't strictly true in as much as it depends on which camera as it is affected by the the pixel density of the chip and in the studio I notice the E-400 & E-510 look very slighty softer after about f9 whereas the E-1 its about f11. Seem to remember in an earlier thread on this site that Ian confirmed this with Olympus. So technically the push for greater resolution on 4/3rd needs to be limited otherwise the optimum apertures for your lens will be f2.8-F4 wihich will snooker the slower zooms!

(added: Link to earlier thread )

That said its not like at f8 its sharp and f11 is rubbish it actually just tails of slightly and I will use f16 but try to avoid f22.

Like Andy when I'm out and about I tend to use Aperture Priority and in the studio Manual


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