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Re: Question about Question Time (Political)

I very much agree that the quality of politics and in particular this election campaign have sunk to an all time low.

The campaign has been very negative and personal with Cameron in particular sinking to far too many personal attacks like some petulant schoolboy. The others are only slightly better. The sight of the large Tory poster I drive past each morning which is a simple slagging off Labour exercise is the most disheartening experience.

As for the policy promises. These are even more overt nonsense than they always are. We all know few of them will happen and in many cases the precise opposite is likely.

As for the SNP posturing. I find their unbelievable arrogance hard to take with Mr Salmond a most odious individual. No dis-resepct to forum members from north of the border but the prospect of a party with such an overtly narrow agenda concerned with one particular part of the UK spouting forth threats about effectively ruling the whole UK via another party to be a genuinely horrible and frightening. My heart would sink if they did get to such a strong position of influence. What could potentially come of that is an almost terrifying prospect.

Sadly my constituency is true blue with an especially slimy career politician who demonstrably cares nothing about local affairs almost certain to be returned again.

If only the Monster Raving Looney party were standing I could register a protest vote.

Better still a box on the ballot sheet against the phrase - "They're all deceitful self serving swines and I want none of them"

Rant over

I've worked hard to be this grumpy. It hasn't been easy at times but it's worth it.
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