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Question about Question Time (Political)

I've just watched the traditional bun fight that is "Question Time" on BBC1 and David Dimbleby revealed a change of format for next week's program. It will feature the leaders of the three main political parties, but not together on a panel as is customary. Instead they will each individually face questions from the audience for a half hour slot. This seems to me to be quite extraordinary, considering they will all be present in the same studio. I wonder which one lacks the courage of his convictions and confidence in his party's policies to the extent that he feels unable to participate in a live general debate with his opponents? Or does that apply to all of them?

This really is a weird General Election campaign and politics in this country seem to have sunk to a new low. Apparently the Institute for Fiscal Studies has said that non of the main party manifestos have enough information about how the promises will be funded to enable voters to make a rational choice. I don't even know which parties will be represented in our constituency, but if there is the opportunity to vote for a minority party I think I will do so, as the only viable means of protest other than not voting at all.

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