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Re: 70-300 af

Originally Posted by Barkly View Post
I seem to be having problems with getting sharp images at distance with the 70-300mm. I wear graduated glasses and need to use AF.

Any suggestions?
Hi there, you need to find out whether it is you or the lens that is at fault.
I have the 70-300 and have no problems with sharpness at 300mm, handheld and without IS.
as you may know, this lens is not the quickest in the bag to AF, but once locked in, seems to be accurate (unless you have a bad example of course)
I would set up on a tripod and go through the zoom range and see what you get.
Not sure why graduated lenses would stop you manual focusing though, I use varifocals with no problems.
one trick with the 75-300 lens is to get somewhere close using MF and then let camera AF, as it will usually lock on to focus quicker.

This lens is very much a love it/hate it lens. I can and does give superb results for some (me included) but others seem to expect miracles from what is a cheap but very versatile lens (it does macro too don't forget)
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