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Exposed: The next Apple product

If you missed it, Apple have signed a technology deal with Liquidmetal, a materials company in the States. This will allow Apple exclusive rights to use Liquidmetal in future gadgets.

The material is stronger, stiffer, lighter and less brittle than any other alloy. I suspect Apple are working towards a product that actually has negative mass.... Anyway I was intrigued, so I looked through the FAQ page at the Liquidmetal site:

Can I buy Liquidmetal on line? No. You can only buy it from us. It is patented technology.

Can I buy blocks, tubes and sheet material from you? No. It is not suitable for machining and must be moulded.

Can you supply samples?

Can we send you our product moulds to use? No. The specialised nature of the material means require the moulds to be made in our own licenced facilities.

So, essentially we give you our design and you provide the finished product. It's a single source situation? Yes, that's about it.

Can you tell me what Liquidmetal is made of?
No. But it does contain Unobtanium.

Hey, (and I don't want to start another Apple war in this thread) those two companies are just made for each other. Ultra stylish products made from a material that no-one else can use

Can you imagine what the result will look like? No?

Well Snaarfacts has a sneak peek for you...

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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