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Re: Wee Ginger Glaswegian Painted by Van Gogh

Thanks for your comments - both museums are worth a visit if you are in Glasgow - there are plenty of photo opportunities inside and out. The two buildings are spectacular in their own ways - built 100 years apart.
I'll need check next time I'm in re the Atlantean. They'd probably appreciate your recollections.
Everything at Kelvingrove was moved around after the refurbishment. There is still an Ancient Egypt gallery complete with sarcophogi (?) and there's now a Cultural Survival centre presently displaying Inuit detail. The suits of armour are still there as are the stuffed elephants and giraffes - though these two are now under the flightpath of a suspended Spitfire.
It's amazing to think that the Dali was bought for 8,200 in 1952 and there was a significant body of opposition to the purchase both from local taxpayers and religious groups - something about you shouldn't look down on Christ.
You'd be at home in the Kelvingrove there are no issues with taking photographs in any Glasgow museum though flash is controlled. As well as this Kelvingrove presently has an exhibition of AC/DC memorabilia. You know that the Young brothers and Bon Scott were born in Scotland?
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