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Tutorial: Create a two-tone Black & White border on your image

Title: Add a Black & White border to any image
Level: Easy/Novice/Learner
Time: 5 mins 1st time, subsequently as an action - seconds

Description: This short tutorial shows anyone how to add a black and white border to any image using Photoshop.
As a newbie to both the wonderful world of DSLR's and Photoshop - I was in awe at some of the fantastic borders I see on various photographs and images on here, and and other www sites - that in one way or another, really enhance the online presentation of the image itself. In my opinion, not all images or photographs become more aesthetically appealing when they have a border, but many do. So, I wanted to show you a way I have found of creating and adding a border around any of your images, that can be used time and time again. It is really easy to do, and I am sure there are better ways that produce better results. But for those newbies like me, I hope it helps.

Step 1:
I will start with an image of a flamingo that I have opened in Photoshop - with no border. This is the image I want to add the border to.

Step 2:
Then, in Photoshop select Image > Canvas Size and you will be presented with a window like the one in the screenshot below. I have populated the fields on this window with the settings I am going to use for my border. A width of 10px, height of 10px, and a Canvas Extension Colour of white.

Click OK, and you will then see a white, 10px border around the entire image, see the image below (you need to look carefully as the white doesn't show clearly against the grey of the web background) - it is there though, honest :

Step 3:
Now we repeat this step, but this time, we add to the canvas size using black background. So, in Photoshop you need to go to Image > Canvas Size - and once again you will be presented with the same window as in step 2. This time I have populated the fields with 20px width, 20px height, and selected Black as the Canvas Extension Colour;

Click OK, and you should then see a 20px black border outside of the existing 10px white border, as shown in the image below;

Voila there you have it - your image now has a nice Black & White border around it... easy eh!
Hope this helps some people.

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