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Re: DPReview E5 Review is finally here.

I don't think the E5 is necessarily the last of a line, I think the next "E" system camera will be a mirrorless E system camera compatible with all current E lenses.
But anyway I don't really think about it, my options are to sell up now and change brands or to keep what I have and just enjoy it.
It's not imperative to move to the next updated model, if like me you enjoy photography and while appreciating the innovations and advanced technology that goes into new models also realize the futility of feeling obliged to up grade.
I feel reviews are sometimes a sales pitch, "You don't have the best so you need to move on" is the impression I'm left with often. It seems they are promoting technology rather than the pleasure of photography and making the most of what you have. I was lent an E1 for a couple of months about a year ago and when I look back to the photos I took with it I'm really pleased, it was an outdated camera lacking the performance of current cameras but the photos were (are) brilliant, you don't need the latest and greatest to take great photos, sometimes it's a better feeling to get a great photo with an older camera as that's down to the photographer!

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