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Re: What will you be doing/buying at this year's Photography Show?

Iím going to have a good look at the practicalities of the Peak Design 30L backpack as a carryon bag, and check exactly what m4/3 kit will fit in.

Iíd like a nice deal on the 17 f1.2, but am happy to wait a while unless itís at least £100 cheaper than the current cashback deal (which ends at the end of this week, strangely enough!).

Iím also going to do a good hunt and tryout for E-M1ii L-brackets, to see exactly how much each really restricts the rear screen movement.

Thatís about it on gear, although if the A7iii is there and itís possible to get close to it Iíd like to have a play and try out its real-life ergonomics (like, how long it takes to wake up from sleep, and whether you can configure the dials and buttons to do a larger range of useful functions than the Ďiií models).

Last year I got the 300 at £1699 from Calumet at the show, a UK main dealer new price I havenít seen beaten since.

Too much Oly gear.
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