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Re: Using the P mode?

I shoot in P almost all the time. As the article says, you can just turn the dial for faster shutter or smaller aperture but you're seldom in a situation where you won't have a usable exposure setting because you're changing settings.

To control things a little I set a maximum ISO or the E-M10ii can ramp up the ISO very fast when I would prefer a slower shutter.

I just did a test to see what the difference behaviour was for the exposure comp vs the rear dial. The rear dial seems to move in steps for shutter and aperture. Exp comp seems to increment one then the other, so there's big shifts on the rear and smaller steps on the front.
You learn something everyday

I used to worry this was somehow cheating but took a little comfort from Martin Parr who's work I enjoy though I don't attempt to emulate.

'I use Programme Mode all the time,' Parr said in 2017. 'If I'm shooting at night, I might go into [shutter priority] because I like the idea of what a slow shutter speed can do when using flash. But most of the time I'm just on Programme. Manual snobs really get up my nose because most of the time they've got to spend ages thinking about the aperture. I mean, why not take advantage of modern technology? Programme pretty much gets it right every time.'

The original source...
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