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Hello from Dorset

Just wanted to introduce myself, Iím looking forward to contributing to (and learning from) this forum in the future as I am an avid user of Olympus M43 Cameras. My first Ďseriousí camera was the Pen E-PL2 some years ago which I loved.

Since then I have dabbled with Panasonic M43 Cameras, the GM1 but, have always returned to Olympus cameras as there are some features that keep on pulling me back that Panasonic just doesnít offer; one of these being Live Time and that I feel that Oly cameras have a little more Ďsoul/personalityí rather than just being another tool in the Photographerís Arsenal.

For some reasons though, I prefer Panasonic lenses and donít have a single Oly lens Ė is that weird (Iíve never had any issues with the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 focus speed either)?

I do like some of Panasonicís features, namely the DFD Post Focus technology but it seems that you are only limited to 8mb JPGs.

I currently have the OM-D E-M10 (Mark 1) which Iíve only had for about a year but, Iím looking this time around at getting an Olympus which has the ability to produce sharper images and offer focus bracketing to enhance my love of landscape photography and although on paper the E-M5 Mark ii ticks all the boxes I am being pulled in by the beauty of the Pen-F.

I have started to really enjoy taking monochrome images since joining a camera club last year, however compared to some other members I can see that I really lack creativity and in some cases the motivation to shoot so Iím hoping that the Pen-F will help introduce some more artistry/creativity into my photography and something else for me to experiment with. Plus the twin tone version looks epic 😊

Iím also hoping to reduce the amount of time these days I spend post processing, When converting to Black and White, I use the NIK Collection Plugins in LR5 so I will be interested at the output from the Pen-F profiles.

As you all known, the Pen-F is not cheap and hasnít dropped in price much (used and/or new), especially here in blighty so in order to fund this bout of GAS I will be looking at potentially the grey import sellers (the oneís that offer their own warranty) and more crucially selling some of my existing gear items but rest assured I will endeavor to remain an active member of this forum as it contains like minded individuals with the same passion as me both in terms of Olympus products and photography.
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