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Re: How are we going to save the planet?

To answer the question - no, I don't think it is fundamentally, though there may well be a lot of people with agendas trying to prove otherwise. Oil companies for example. The problem with all these things is there is usually a political agenda somewhere trying to prove a result one way or the other and science based on statistics is always going to be open to, well, interpretation. The diesel vehicles debacle is one such. As someone who used to do a lot of driving back in the good (smelly!) old days it was pretty obvious that the exhaust emissions were liable to be unhealthy. I visited Oxford some 20 years or so ago and couldn't believe the level of smog in the city centre from the buses and taxis. My father, who smoked quite heavily and lived to be 93, was convinced there was nowt wrong with tobacco and it was diesel smoke causing all the lung cancer! After all, the tobacco companies said smoking tobacco was good for you.

That climate change is a thing is undeniable, the causes open to a degree of conjecture. Up here in the Dales where they used to dig the sheep out of the snowdrifts almost every year we seldom get much snow nowadays. I don't think the sun has changed much so something else must be causing the change. This simply doesn't happen now:

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