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Re: How are we going to save the planet?

Originally Posted by Otto View Post
Thanks. He may well be scientifically trained but that doesn't qualify him to pose as an "expert" on a field which he has not specialised. I was trained in engineering, but in electronics so I wouldn't claim to be an expert on bridge design. Apart from maybe Wien Bridges . Climate is an immensely complex subject and there are doubtless studies which are flawed but the concensus seems to be that the recent more rapid changes coincide with the rise in industrialisation. Diet is another area open to misinterpretation, remember all the fuss about animal fats being bad for us? That has been proven to be untrue and even the guy who first published the work admits the conclusion was flawed. I never stopped eating butter anyway!

As for the applause at the end, audiences are generally polite .
He never claimed to be an expert, in fact exactly the opposite.

He started by saying

Global warming has become a new religion because you can't discuss it.
Examples of that are seen even on this thread

His overall message was that

"Science" comes in many forms

* Real Science -
* Pathological science - people fool themselves because one experiment shows their theory is correct.
* Fraudulent Science - people who cheat on purpose
* Junk Science - eg in medical field claims based on tests on only a few people.

* Pseudoscience - begins with a hypothesis usually one which is appealing emotionally, and then looks only for items which appear to support it.

He leaves the audience with this question - Is global warming a Pseudoscience?

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