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Re: Olympus 150 - 400

I think that the rumoured lens will be F/4 . F/4.5 or higher while introducing a rumoured MC20 at the same time puzzles me a bit, not sure about the AF performance at F/9 . Or could it be that the MC20 is intended for the 40-150 F/2.8 and/or 300 F/4? Or could it be that the lens is F/4.5 as the original rumour said, in which case the integrated 1.25X TC will provide up to 500mm F/5.6, a round figure.

That rumoured lens, filling the 150-400 mm range would be a compelling offering even though I personally don't use telephoto zooms that often, but I clearly see the advantage when for instance photographing sports or on safari. As comparison objects, high grade "PRO" lenses, we have the Canon 200-400 F/4 with integrated 1.4X extender (11k USD) or the Nikon 180-400 F/4 with integrated 1.4 TC (12k USD).

If the latest rumoured specs are correct and if the lens is F/4 and expecting that Olympus will succeed in the optical design to provide top notch IQ "PRO" throughout the zoom range I am certain it will have a price tag detering many of us from bying it.

As reference I have used the 300 F/4 which if I remember correctly costed 2.5k USD when introduced. If the rumoured lens is an F/4 it would require ~140% more glass matter than the 300 F/4. If it's an F/4.5 then it would require around 65% more glass matter. Then on top of this adding the cost for the zoom mechanism and the integrated TC which I guess would add 1k or maybe even more.

So my guess: F/4.5: 4.5k USD and F/4: 7k USD. Could we envision F/4 and a bundle with the EM1.X at a price tag of 9.995 kUSD?

Slower than F/4.5 e.g. 400 F/5.6 would not make that much much sense as the landscape is already occupied by 100-400 F/6.3 which is priced at 1.6 kUSD.

Prices in Europe would be higher.

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