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Easy lens changing

My policy has always been one lens one camera but with only one Olympus and 3 lenses that's not possible . I hate camera bags so that's not going to happen so how do you do it ...take lens off camera ..find lens cap in bag select new lens remove lens cap fit to camera .now some of this takes three hands etc
So the solution is to mount two 4/3 mounts back to back and suspend them from your belt or whatever . I used two extension tubes and fitted the mounts back to back with a black plastic separator .
So now you have lens no2 hanging from your belt take lens 1 off the camera and fit it into the empty F mount. Then remove lens 2 and fit it to the camera.
If you insist on a camera bag then glue two lens caps back to back and just swop the lenses end for end .
Photo below


The one in the photo is for Nikon but I just ordered a set of extension tubes for 4/3 and will strip and fix them back to back.
there is a commercial version by Peak Designs but not for 4/3.
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