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Re: Olympus Kit for sale from long standing original member :)

Originally Posted by Phill D View Post
Prices look ok to me John but i'm not sure what the market for 4/3s gear is like these days. Are you looking to use a micro 4/3s camera for your film making?
I've already bought a replacement, Phil. As I am looking to do video and some filming et al, I did the research and though the Panasonic m4/3 range are pretty impressive, I preferred the Sony alpha range - not only because of the outstanding a6000 at a brilliantly low price, but also for the upgrade path that is available. I will at some point I'm sure, upgrade to one of the unreal a7 models, but that's for the future.

Being able to shoot high ISO in close to zero light is not something I have ever been used to with Oly gear. Each has its merits, and I have truly loved my E series of cameras, from E400 - E410 - E510 - E3 - E5, and their outstanding lenses (7-14 and 35-100 are in a class of their own), but alas for me wanting to try video, and I guess something new... it is time to see if the grass is indeed greener

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