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Old 23rd April 2018
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Re: Dust!!!!

Ok so curious I did the defocussed f16 shot! with a relatively new camera I wasn't expecting anything. Well hoped there wouldn't be anything anyway. So looking at the shot it did look pretty clean except for a large fuzzy streak across 2/3s of the frame? It looked suspiciously like a very out of focus hair or fiber. On looking yes it was an enormous crinckley fibre the sort that come off a very soft fluffy jumper! (not mine!). It was just sticking out over the sensor opening not actually sitting on the sensor so carefully with fingers I pulled it off. Phew! So after looking at the white paper shot no sign of the fuzzy line, great job done. Well sort of, now having looked closer there is a real dust bunny right at the edge of my sensor It's very small and so close to the edge I'm going to leave it as I'm sure I'd probably make it worse. Now to take some shots to see if I notice it. Overall glad I looked, not sure I'll be looking at my old camera though
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