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Re: About to buy a Pen-F

It's a great camera - well, I love mine anyhow

Points to mention...

- Focus peaking works reasonably well in good light and when there's sufficient contrast on the object you're focusing on. However, it's not uber precise. The range of focusing over which the peaking will illuminate is greater than peak sharpness so it takes some practice to get right. OTOH, focus magnify works very well for critical focus. You can set a button to turn peaking on/off so you can choose which works for you.

- Grip is OK, but it's much improved with a cheap leather half case available on ebay for less than a tenner:

- If you are planning on using manual FD lenses, there's a nice feature whereby you can set the name, focal length and Max f stop of the lens. This gets saved into the EXIF and is also used to set the IBIS focal length.

- CAF is hopeless. Won't matter I don't suppose with manual glass or even 43 glass (where it'll be terrible all the time ), but if you do go on to use m43 lenses, it's something to be aware of.

- I find the exp comp dial too stiff to easily use with the camera to the eye; so I've programmed the rear dial to exp comp. That also had the advantage of resetting to 0 after a power cycle and being consistent with how I've setup my EM1.2 (which doesn't have a dedicated exp comp dial).

- Black is sexier than silver!
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