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EM-1 Shutter sticking closed

I went out today with an aim to take some photos in the snow, ambient temperature was around -5C, so within the limits of the camera, not much wind so windchill probably not an issue.

I took a few shots, and on the third shot, the screen remained black. I was getting information on the screen, but no image from the sensor.
I took the lens off to find that the shutter curtain was still covering the sensor.
I tried turning on and off a few times, but was not able to rest the shutter to its natural position.

When I got home, I played again, and eventually the shutter has released and all seems fine. I am wondering if this is temperature related, as the camera had obviously warmed up a bit when I was playing with it at home.

The same happened to me a while ago, when the temperature was around 0C but I managed to rectify it by turning on and off and pressing the shutter a few times.
When the shutter is stuck in this manner, I can still take photos, but obviously it is very hard to set up shutter speed/exposure.

Is this an issue that I can rectify easily, or will I need to send the camera back to Olympus for repair.
My camera is still under warranty, so sending it for repair is not a problem, but I would rather not waste time unnecessarily.

Thank you
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