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Re: M10 Mark III review

Originally Posted by rockelye View Post
It’s still cheaper than an iPhone X...

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But it only does one thing (photography) so you still need a phone.

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Interesting discussion on Mark III. Sadly people usually do buy based on rather superficial marketing material and perhaps reviews which are also based on limited experience of a product. It's difficult when making a buying decision to access the experience of long term use - especially of a product is so new that no-one has used it for long.

When I was making a decision to try and get back into "proper" photography just over a year ago, I had absolutely no idea how complex the Oly's menu system would prove. Once I'd decided on mirrorless (rather than bridge camera - RX10 III was enticing but costly) I guess the factors which drove me to Oly included reputation - especially for lenses, maybe a bit of sentimental loyalty (I'd used an OM2n years ago), traditional appearance, and of course some reviews and personal advice. But crucially I was tempted by E-M10 II, and the only thing which persuaded me to get E-M5 II instead was weatherproofing. (And I later upgraded to used E-M1 due when I realised better compatibility with FT glass).

That was a long winded way of supporting the suggestion that Oly may be irked that the E-M10 II was too good.
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