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Re: Trading on the e-group forum

Chaps (mods & Ian)

Do you think you might be over reacting?
I’ve been a forum member for quite a few years. I rarely log in but browse maybe twice a day. I don’t post photos as I have not got around to bothering to find out how. I like this forum because it’s so friendly and moderated so nicely.
I only buy second hand now and virtually all from forum members. I have made some good friends both digitally and in real life from the forum, so long may the current culture rule.

I nearly joined in the ruckus, last week, as I thought people were unfairly ganging up on that particular seller. Basically the only person who should have felt aggrieved was the original seller and he came on to state he was not concerned. Beyond that it was no one else’s business.
In the last year someone joined and was trying to buy kit – people were offering stuff at decent prices but he dismissed them as too much and pleaded poverty. I think some took pity and he acquired kit at below the market value. Some months passed and he “upgraded” – was I the only one to notice his change of heart regarding prices when he was a seller? He is now an active member and I would not mind betting if I named him there would be uproar here.
My point is someone might join to buy & sell but end up here as a participating member and that we all might want to participate in a different way, so lets maintain the tolerance I think this site should be justly proud of.
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