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Re: E-420 converted to full spectrum

Originally Posted by Firephinix View Post
Hi Ralph

Thanks for the info and your guide for how to do it, which I have now done

Just a quick question what settings do you use for your pics? Obviously in manual but iv been playing around and can't quite seem to get it right. Iv got a 760nm filter but I have got some more coming soon.

Thanks again

Hi there Firephinix!

I'm afraid there is no great secret to using it - I tend to use trial and error! The focussing on mine seems to work well (S-AF on Liveview which uses contrast autofocussing), exposure can be a bit hit and miss. Because your eye isn't blocking the viewfinder you should really have the blanking plate fitted to stop stray light affecting the exposure. I tend to use the Aperture setting (somewhere between f8 and f16) and have a few tries at various exposure compensation levels to get the best image on the screen and use the RAW image with photoshop elements 11 to get the exposure perfect. I also tend to use ISO 200 to give myself some headroom to make sure I don't over expose massively.

Other than that it is a case of choosing a nice sunny day and experimenting! Enjoy your newly modified camera!



PS thanks for the info Simon, I didn't find them when I was looking around, if anyone has tried them on the forum I'd be interested to hear their opinions.
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