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Re: Tony Northrup believes micro-four-thirds is dead

Originally Posted by Harold Gough View Post
I don't understand the comment about sensor size. they are the same.

Anyway, the short register distance of m4/3 permits a large number of legacy lenses to be used (via adapters) which otherwise could not be used on digital. (Not unique e.g A7R).

True up to a point, but the first generation Sonys had a thick sensor stack that interfered with some classic lenses' imaging, such that you got a lot of magenta artefacts (e.g. a number of lovely Leitz semi-wide-angles).

Some people went to the lengths of having the sensors customised to allow these lenses to be used, but that really is taking things a bit far IMHO, especially now bodies such as the A7II have fallen so much in price both new and s/h.

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