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Re: Merits or otherwise of buying / selling in MBP, WEX or LCE

Yes, those are my top three choices for hassle-free sales and purchases (after this very forum, of course).

I have bought/sold/exchanged with all 3 over the years and I'm happy to recommend all of them and I'm sure they're 100% kosher and they'll sort you out if there's a problem.

I'd just pass a few comments based on personal experiences:

Wex have an extremely slick post-in and send out system that's brilliant if you're part-exchanging. They make an offer based on your own assessment of the gear you're sending in, then confirm after their own inspection. I have had them increase their offer after an inspection (and that won my magnanimous approbation as that girl in the advert once said).

MPB send stuff out that's often frankly a bit grubby (although their assessment of underlying condition I've found very reliable). They also once sent me a Panasonic G3 body rather than the PL 15mm f1.7 I'd bought, and it did take them slightly longer than I'd ideally expect to apologise and reimburse me for posting it back, and to deliver what I'd ordered. And, yes, the front element looked like it had been used to document deep fat frying... Lovely lens now I've cleaned it, however.

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