Thread: For sale E-M5 MkI converted to IR
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Old 13th September 2018
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Re: E-M5 MkI converted to IR

Originally Posted by Invicta View Post
Interesting idea, get the best of both worlds! Does this work 100% with the 720nm filter? The images look good but does it always work?

What made you want to sell your conversion? Seems an ideal camera to have.

Final question, which lenses do you find work OK with the conversion, some lenses create a ghost in the centre on IR conversions due to the poor focusing of IR light.
A 665nm conversion images using wavelengths from 665nm to 1100nm. If you add a 720nm filter it blocks the light below 720nm so the result is the same as a 720nm conversion. You can also add a 850nm filter for even more intense IR effects, but a 590nm filter would still give 665nm images.

Your final question is about 'Hot Spots' there are several lists on the internet of lenses that are supposedly good or bad for this, but I find conditions are too variable to really list the good lenses. One of my lenses produced terrible hot spots when I had a quick test using it for IR on a standard G1 (handheld shots were just possible) but on my modified GF2 it's never given one at all. I think I've since used it on a standard G5 without issue too - but with the G5 I was specifically after long exposures.

As well as the body used the aperture used can have a significant impact on the hot spot a lens produces. Many lenses are worse shut down, but a few seem worse wide open. Then as with all flare type effects the lighting can have a dramatic effect...

None of the native MFT lenses I've tried on my modified camera have given hot spots. I've only seen them on that with a c-mount lens (and only when using extension tubes IIRC)

I can't help with the middle question as I've never sold a camera in my life!
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