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Exclamation Next - to update the current gallery

I hope you're all finding the laborious process of modernising the site interesting because there is more disruption coming!

The next job is to update the existing gallery software. This will be even though we're going to replace it.

Why? The version of the PhotoPost Pro gallery we are currently running is very old. We have a much more recent version, which we are installing. However, it's also no longer supported and old code is not only left behind in terms of features and usability but also in resistance to hackers. We also have to update the server platform for the same reasons and there is a very good chance the old gallery would not function properly after the update.

Although we are replacing the old gallery, it needs to remain in place, but switched off for new uploads, because without its presence all photos from the gallery posted in the forum would disappear

The intention is to import users' photos to the new gallery and leave the old one simply as a legacy mechanism for maintaining the visibility of photos in old forum posts.

I hope that makes sense!

I will have more news later today.

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