Thread: HELP! E-PL1 and 4/3 lens use
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Re: E-PL1 and 4/3 lens use

Originally Posted by biggerbr View Post
I have just bought one of the Viltrox JY-43F 4/3 to Micro 4/3 adapters off EBay. It arrived this afternoon so I have only tried it briefly but it looks good so far. It seems to have all the features of the MMF-1 and the focusing definitely works. It also seems well made and is metal bodied.
Seems an interesting bit of kit, though at 50 not cheap (though cheaper than than the mmf-2).

I wonder if there will be a reaction from Olympus/Panasonic, as the camera is aware that it is driving the lens through an adapter in the firmware code.

Let us know how you get on.

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