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Re: I'll be the Judge

Originally Posted by Miketoll View Post
LOL. So that could be summed up by saying "pretentious t****" and/or clever people who know how to massage their patrons ego and the money out of the patrons wallet Emperors Clothes style.
Either way a bit of guff like I said about imaginative, exciting, deep hidden meanings and so on without saying what the deep hidden meanings are hints that you understand should suffice. Then move rapidly on!

I must say I did not realize how serious this all is but $600! Not quite local camera club! Good luck oh brave soul!
"The Emperor's Clothes", you got it Mike!

Originally Posted by Phill D View Post
You must let us know how you get on Mark. That is if you can of course
I will certainly let you see some pictures of the event replete with commentary, Phill.
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