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BLN-1 Battery Cases

Having looked for some simple covers for my EM-1 batteries and not finding any, I opted for small Ziplok bags. I put one in each, especially when "flying" because of the rules on carrying extra batteries safely. I then put them all in a small cloth glasses bag and get one out when I need a charged one, putting the dead ones back into the camera bag (in its Ziplok) not into the glasses bag!


I have "invented" the BLN-1 battery case. It is "additively manufactured" from PET and comes in a 1, 2 ,3 or 4 battery configuration! It has taken a while to get it right but I'm happy with the result.

I'm quite surprised how strong they are too. A single holder weighs just 6 grams.

Nothing round the back....

Olympic Gold!

I also made a marking gauge to put simple red and green marks on the battery. I then post it back in the appropriate way.

Just poke your finger in the bottom and push the battery up then pinch it out from the cut out on the top.

Available in limited quantities in Olympus Blue and Black.

Single 2
Long Double or Wide Double 3.75
Wide 3 (not shown) 5
Long 4 6.50
1 marking gauge will be sent with each "order"
Postage extra.

Manufactured in the UK. I may not solve the Brexit crisis, but it's a start!
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