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Re: Olympus Viewer 3 update 1.02

Ross, thanks for your efforts in explaining. I am not sure what causes the problems, but it is not the usual download error or something. I got the first file from Oly-Japan (I believe) and the last from Oly-Germany.
I always, when possible, save an installation file to my HDD, to store and keep it for later use, if nothing else. I still have the old version file of Viewer3 - and when I hover over the filename in Explorer it tells me the version number 1.0.1 vs. 1.0.2. - so there is a difference. But, the file has exactly the same size: 97.459MB
What also puzzles me is the fact, that I get an "installation successful" message! Going to Software/Deinstallation within the system, I see an entry too. That's really weired.

I still have Viewer2 installed and that may be a problem? Which would be a programing mess of some magnitude ...
I use custom installation, as I don't want the default. May be a problem with Viewer3 demanding C:/programs/ as the only valid option?! Which would be a programing mess of some magnitude ...
My Avira Virus Shield is active throughout the process and should not have caused a problem without notifying me. To disable this would be something to try, but I am not very fond of it in the first place.

I may try the installation file on a machine of my children and so verify if it works there or at all.
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