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Re: Olympus Viewer 3 update 1.02

Originally Posted by Falk View Post
Just done with "installation" - and as in previous attempts (04-2013), I get the message: "Installation successful"
but then all I get is an EMPTY folder on my HDD - no program group, no icons - nothing!

I use an old system (P4 3GHz, XP SP3), however, it is above the minimum requirements - and with said message and all the fancy statements to read during "installation", I wonder what is going on

No much improvement in the new "version" - as far as I am concerned
Originally Posted by Johnheatingman View Post
Having downloaded Olympus Viewer 3 some time ago I have now tried the update procedure on several occasions. At each attempt as soon as the Update Button in Viewer 3 is pressed a message appears informing me a later version 1.02 is available. Pressing the Update Button on this screen as instructed, then totally freezes the whole page and the only way to clear it is to re-boot the computer.

In my experience, the various versions of Olympus Master and Viewer leave a lot to be desired as they seem to be riddled with download problems. My version of Olympus Master 2 has also ceased to function straight after downloading Viewer 3.

I will delete Viewer 3 and attempt to download again, but this time straight from the Olympus site as opposed to the update facility. If that also fails then its a case of R.I.P Olympus software as it's not worth the time and effort involved.

I'm sorry to hear you are both having issues. I have installed OV3 on 2 computers with Win7 (Home Premium & Pro) on both but have not tried on the 3rd with Win XP. It is still running OV2 for when I need that computer & maybe it might be better leaving it that way. BTW, when I first downloaded the program I first saved it in my own folder & then ran it from there. That way I only needed to copy the installation file to the 2nd computer, but the updates were done from running OV3 update prompt (when starting OV3 after the release date) in each computer. I assume you are both downloading the program from the Global site, and also your antivirus software is not causing an issue here, is it? Maybe someone else might come up with a better suggestion.
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