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Metatrichia species? Laowa 25mm on A7R with Stereo

I had been wanting to try out my Laowa 25mm x2.5 to x5 on full frame. Then I came across a Slime Mould on my very productive rotting apple trunk wood. It looked very much like the frequently-encountered Trichia decipiens although the density of the population was unusually high.

I could see many orange/yellow unripe fruiting bodies, one group of brownish ones and one group which looked almost black to the naked eye. When I looked more closely at the blackish ones, I saw that some were tightly-grouped, forming a microscopic tree-like bunch. This is the habit of Metatrichia. Looking at the stalks of the yellow/orange ones, they seem to have finer, more deeply-sculptured folds than in T.decipiens and be less spreading at the base.

I will see if all the colonies do this, the black colour also being correct for T. decipiens. I have found only one images, via an internet search of Metatricia at this yellow/orange stage. Fortunately, I kept the chuck of wood in our conservatory last night, safe from the early morning frost.

I suspect that this is Metatrichia vesparum.

The reason for choosing full format was to get the lens acting as 25mm, not 50mm as on m4/3. This was to get maximum depth effect. The shots were at from x2.5, via x4, to x5 at f11. I have only two TTL RC flash units for Sony, so they were placed on either side, on a little higher than the other.

The stereo is crosseye. Most cropping has been vertical.

Sony A7R (aperture priority mode), Laowa 25mm f2.8 2.5x-5x ultra-macro at f11, ISO 160, triple TTL flash hand-held. FOV 14mm down to 7mm wide.

It is many months since I used the camera and have never use it much and was surprised to see I has used ISO 160!


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