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Re: What should I do?

Originally Posted by Radar View Post
I find I get less noise using 50-200 and 12-60 (Anyone know why? Just Lens quality?) than with 14-42 and 40-150.
Well there is a signal to noise ratio in lenses just as much as there is in the electronics of the sensor, it just tends to be expressed differently.

Better lenses tend to give more contrasty images, more contrast is in part due to less light being scatterred to the wrong places, so the blacks are blacker and the whites are whiter and everything in between follows along.

This has the effect of improving exposure, better exposure both decreases noise (as we've discussed earlier) and leads to less enhancement (contrast/levels/curves) in pp. And pushing the picture in pp is a great way of seeing more noise.

Of course top quality glass wont make a stellar performer out of a low quality camera (and I'm not saying the 510 is low quality), but it all helps.

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