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Old 19th June 2010
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What should I do?

I've not been on here long, but thought this is the best place to ask for some advice.

I've not had my E-510 very long, but am already thinking of upgrading. Basically although I love the camera I cant help but think I would be better served upgrading to the E-620.

I know the 4/3 system is not the best at low light performance, but I am finding that noise-wise the 510 does struggle somewhat.

I bought the E-510 as the price was right and it felt good in my hand - I was drawn to 4/3rds because of the double focal length and thought this would come in quite handy for wildlife photography - and with the quality of even the kit lenses I figured this would be a more economical route than going for Canikon.

I'm reading that the E-620 has the same sensor/processor as the E-30 (which is out of my budget) and depending on the web site the performance at higher iso (eg 1600) is a lot better that the E-510.

Also I'm liking the fact that the E-620 also has face recognition (which my S100fs also has and I find that very useful)

What do you guys think??

Should I take the plunge and invest more of my hard earned in the E-620?

Should I just stick with the E-510?

Should I wait until September when (apparently) new models will be announced? (Although I suspect these will be the 'high end' DSLR's it may well cause an increase in 2nd hand E-30's etc at a price I can afford.)

Do I ditch 4/3rds now and move to Canikon before its too late? (ie Olympus announce they're not continuing with 4/3rds and effectivley reduce the ability for me to upgrade in the furture or sell off my kit for a decent price)

Or do I sit tight and see what happens?

Questions, questions!


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