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Old 25th April 2010
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out of focus

Hi Guys.

i have an olympus E-420...and ive been trying digiscoping with it..i attach it to the star travel 80 refractor with appropiate fittings..whats happning is...when i focus and when looking on live screen everything is pin sharp, but after taking the shot the picture comes out blurry...more like out of focus a bit. this is happning all the time...even when i connect it to my 6 inch telescope. i got loads of moon shots and all out of focus..but like i said..on live screen its very sharp. i am using shutter release its not vibrations doing it. even when doing everyday photography some pics are out of focus. ive tried all settings i could think off but no good. i know about settings for moon photography..i know sometimes i might not get it right with the settings..but when doing landscapes and the land aint moving to cause the motion blur unless very windy

just wondering what the problem is. its very frustrating putting hours in your hobbys and knowing the 2 problems i have are similar. i even got my girlfreind on many occassions to make sure it was focused and not my eyesight. i know about shutter speeds on most occasions..but with the two scopes is where my problem scope for daytime and one scope for simple moon shots but with the problem of out of focus shots. maybe im missing something? but with sharp images on live screen and take shot with release cable..they come out blurry. any ideas guys as to what the problem is?

thanks for your time.
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