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Re: Anyone print A3 ?

Originally Posted by ianinsuffolk View Post
I agree with most of the points made. I have had many printers and until I brought an Epson P600 I was usually disappointed in the results and sent them off for commercial printing.
During discussions with an Epson specialist shop owner, he pointed out an interesting observation that amateur photographers would pay quite large, 4 figure sums for cameras and lenses but expected a 50 printer to be as good!
I was able to get a couple of test prints done on the Epson printer before spending around 600. I was convinced and have now printed hundreds of images at A4 and A3 with minimal post processing and nearly 100% success. I now have added external ink tanks from Perma Print which reduce ink costs by around 80% with the same print quality.
So for a total layout of around 800 I have a superb setup to match my OM-D E1mkii and Ian is very, very happy!
Originally Posted by raichea View Post
I've been using an ip8750 for some time with paper and profiles from PermaJet. I've been very happy with the results and had several complimentary comments about the print quality from experienced photographers.

I chose the 8750 after looking at the Pro10/100 etc. models. The slightly cheaper price/fewer ink cartridges swayed it for me. In practice, the difference in quality is barely noticeable, if at all.

I do, of course, calibrate my screen (X-rite i1Display Pro) and use ink/paper profiles based on prints I sent to PermaJet (they offer a free profiling service, as do FotoSpeed, I believe).

Steve, do you use Canon inks or have you found a cheaper alternative that you like ?
I am happy to spend more when buying if it means cheaper running costs, and we all know how scary ink costs can be !

The IP8750 appeals as it is cheaper to buy, but I'm not sure if anyone sells external ink tanks for it - I had looked at the Epson that you have Ian for that very reason - like many, I have had first hand experience of Epson's famous clogging heads so am wary, but it did happen a long time ago so it may not be an issue now.
I use a Spyder5pro to calibrate my screen, and assume that profiling via Permajet or Fotospeed is pretty much a case of following instructions ?
I'm happy to keep everything as simple as possible to start, so would stick with one brand of ink and paper though would like to try a few finishes.
Thank you both (I think..) for your replies !
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