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Re: MORE Th>N ( you think ) Pet Insurance

My Cat is insured with PetPlan but I'm not sure it's worth the 15 or so a month given the exclusions. I've had cats for 30 years and this is the first one I insured (mostly because the Blue Cross gave him a free month when I got him). When his friend died from suspected antifreeze poisoning a year ago they didn't cover the vet's bill.

My house is next to a mill stream which is in a fairly deep channel and which has never been known to flood but most insurers won't look at flood insurance or want a very high premium, but More Th>n made a reasonable offer with flood risks being covered by FloodRe so I went with them. I only checked their price for amusement as in the past whenever I've been looking for insurance their quotes were indeed More Th>n everyone else's! Why the Sun Alliance & Royal Insurance Company decided that was a good rebrand heaven knows, it reminds me of the Royal Mail and the Consignia fiasco .
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