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Re: MORE Th>N ( you think ) Pet Insurance

Originally Posted by Jax View Post
We have a pet dog who is now 4yrs old. We took out pet insurance with MORE Th>AN when she was just 8 weeks old. The premiums have increased every year as is only to be expected and last years renewal fee was 413.90.

After a recent illness which resulted in a claim of 217, from which the dog is now fully recovered we have just received the renewal document for the next 12 months cover.

The figure now requested is 825.57, more than double the premium charged last year. The reason given for the extortionate renewal fee was " because you have made a claim " They even point out that if we change insurers, the previous illness would not be covered, if it re-occurred, so we would be better staying with them

Needless to say we have canceled the policy and reported the matter to the Financial Ombudsman.

The moral of this story is: Don't go anywhere near a company such as MORE Th>AN for any form of insurance as they are the lowest form of pond life on the planet


That does seem very high for a four-year-old dog. It's not just MORE Th>N that do this. The same thing happened to us with our two dogs. There is usually an excess amount as well which funnily enough most charges seem to come just under. In the end, the premiums were so high we cancelled them all and took the risk.

It is certainly worth using a comparison site to see what's available. Most insurance these days is a rip off IMHO.

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