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E-1 Hard Reset / Stuck in P Mode

Hello, does anyone know the button press sequence for a hard reset, via the hidden menus in an E-1 please? (not just the one from the top plate with the reset buttons.)
The E-300, E-3, E-5 method doesn't seem to work

On a recent discussion on here, I commented that I'd bought a spare one in case my original started playing up.
Well I dug out my E-1 for a bit of nostalgia and a stroll round Buxton, but it seems to be stuck on P mode, even though the PASM dial seems to work OK
It seems My memory is playing up as well as the camera; looks like I intended to buy a cheap spare, but never got round to it; either that or the workshop pixies have taken to hiding cameras as well as my tools.
CEX sell them cheaply enough, @ 50 but none in stock of course.

Googling hasn't turned up anything, other than other users with the same problem.
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