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Re: OM3 in Campkins, Cambridge

It's complicated: there used to be 2 Campkins shops, this one on Kings Parade owned by a member of one branch of the family who was a psychopath (a non-clinical opinion, but based on the same sort of personal experience given by our two colleagues above), and another in Rose Crescent (other side of the Market Square) who couldn't be more charming.

Not surprisingly they had fallen out years ago, and I believe they were completely separate businesses.

I'd had several good experiences with the lot in Rose Crescent (for example, lending me lenses to try out for a couple of days).

Anyway, a few years ago the socially-inadequate pillock died or was otherwise removed, and the decent lot sold the Rose Crescent shop and took over the one on Kings Parade. I haven't been in for 3+ years but as far as I know it now remains OK, although they certainly know how to charge as those s/h prices confirm.

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