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Re: Is this a conspiracy?

We have a frightening number of people who don’t think critically. They’re more likely to be angry, and that makes them more likely to vote. As far as I’m concerned, until voting is mandatory the system is rigged by default and wide open to dangerous populist movements.

At the same time, we shouldn’t merely dismiss the angry people.... Anger has a cause and consequences. In my line of business I read last week that Indian outsourcing giant, Tata Consultancy Services, is being taken to court in the US. Apparently, some ninety percent of the staff at their large US offices are in the US on visas. Fake news or real? Doesn’t matter; it will make people angry either way. I predict a second term for Trump*.

* The really scary thing about Trump? He might actually be right about some things, and now gets to solve the problems he sees in his own way....
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