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Re: Is this a conspiracy?

Fake news, disinformation or political spin / geek-speak began to take off big-time in the late 80's early 90's. It's been building up slowly over the years and has been helped by the many on-line platforms to push the various global agenda's.
When politicians, heads of states and or countries jumped on the bandwagon, the rest as they say, is history. One of the newest incumbents, has now forcibly pushed it to a new, and in my opinion, a frightening level of disinformation. So much so, that it becomes nigh on impossible to know what is right, and what is s$%&e?

Gradual integration is one thing, mass integration is a whole new ball-game. Safety in numbers springs to mind where large groups are formed and social change is enforced by the new arrivals to take place. It isn't helped, - when a way of life - appears to be threatened by these new arrivals who apparently want to live by their own culture and rules of law. With so much anti-social behaviour now becoming the social norm, it's difficult for the ordinary man or woman in the street to not be conditioned to believe where the problem lies and, who is to blame?

Certain country's have recently said enough is enough and taken steps to reduce or even stop this mass exodus and are being castigated by others for doing so. For the many, dependant on food banks or living in run-down high rental accommodation or on the streets... their reality is so much different, a picture from life's other side which has been ignored for too long.

As Mulder would say: 'The truth is out there...' We just have to determine between what is right and what is s&%$e?
It's not what inspires us that is important, it's where the journey takes us.

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