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Re: Is this a conspiracy?

Are the authors suggesting that Leave voters are more gullible than Remainers?

I cannot believe 'the authorities' would have an interest in Muslims becoming the majority in the UK, but Muslims themselves may well have an interest in doing so. Indeed, some have even spoken of a 'bloodless takeover' in Europe. If there is any conspiracy I suspect it would be a case of some local councils turning a blind eye rather than central government actively promoting inward migration; just as some local councils chose to turn a blind eye to sexual abuse by certain groups for fear of creating racial tensions.

With regard to uncontrolled immigration during the Blair era; I thought it was generally accepted that the government of the day had no way of knowing how many Eastern Europeans had come into the UK, how many stayed or how many had left. Is this not the case?

There have been many illogical and unexplained events over the years including the death of Dianna, Princess of Wales, and conspiracy theories often provide convenient but inaccurate explanations in the absence of known facts.

I hear there are now conspiracy theories circulating about the wildfires in California but I have no idea where the evidence comes from.

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