Thread: For sale E-M5 MkI converted to IR
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Old 13th September 2018
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Re: E-M5 MkI converted to IR

Can't post pictures of the camera until later. It's in excellent condition though - very well looked after. I'll post some later today if I can.

Regarding focusing, I don't believe adjustment is necessary for mirrorless cameras as the focusing is done on the sensor, not a separate AF subsystem. It's possible that some adjustment was made, I suppose but I'm not aware of it. Either way the focusing seems fine - take a look at the full-res image linked below.

You can see some sample images at the link in the first post.

Here's a link to a full-res image:

1/50 @ f/11, ISO 200. Slightly smaller than the sensor size due to a slight crop to rotate by a couple of degrees. Taken with a Tamron DiIII 14-150mm lens (at 14mm) - not the sharpest lens but not bad.
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