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Re: F1.2 pro glass

All photo gear choices are ultimately compromises. I photograph pretty much everything, but with a slight leaning towards landscape and cityscape. Although I have some of the longer Oly m43 glass, my staple focal lengths are in the 8-100mm range with probably the balance being under 25mm. That should probably make me a better candidate for an FF system - but I've come to value portability and features above pure IQ.

The Pro primes seem to me to be big enough and expensive enough that you need a really good reason to want to buy them. They might be a bit sharper than their smaller counterparts, but I think that's not a good reason to buy them since the f1.8 lenses are more than sharp enough for most people's needs already. So, we're left with that extra 1-stop of both light and DOF shrinking. For some that will be important, for others not. For sure, the only real point of these lenses is to use them wide-open.

I can't see me buying any of them - at least not yet. Maybe at some point in the future when I can get one second-hand, secure in the knowledge that I can move it on if it doesn't work out for little loss, if any, then I might jump; if only for novelty and to experience the magic first hand!
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