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Re: F1.2 pro glass

Originally Posted by MikeOxon View Post

The trouble is that you lose the size and weight advantages from the micro4/3 format. If portraiture is your thing, then full-frame should probably be your format.
Hi Mike,

I've been a long-term Olympus user since the film days and then through 4/3 and then mft. I also use FF as well; so run two systems. Pre em1 ii it was a simple choice which camera I picked up for the different events and styles of photography I like. Now with the EM1 ii I'm erring more to that than the FF.

The issue I'm trying to work through is the trade off on mft negated by the bigger pro lenses that are out there vs FF size and weight and cheaper glass.

My Oly SGH glass is superb and was expensive (probably twice the price of the mft pro glass in some cases). It produces fantastic images on the E5 which I still use at times.

There is a draw for the pro f1.2 glass, but the bank balance is talking to me (along with the wife in the other ear).

I appreciate all the input and discussion into the thread - it gives food for thought.
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