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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by Graham_of_Rainham View Post
Leave or Remain; is there anyone who believes this "government" is capable of delivering a successful outcome.
No I don't. But what is more worrying is that HM Opposition is equally divided, incompetent and incapable of negotiating their way out of a paper bag.

And that is the crux of the problem.

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
David Cameron should shoulder the blame for offering a referendum (just the one). It's far too complex a problem for Joe Public.
Cameron was partly to blame, but the BREXIT question wasn't going to go away until a referendum was held. Tony Blair was also to blame for taking us far deeper into Europe than was good for us in my view.

Had Corbyn and the Opposition backed Cameron during the referendum, instead of sitting on the fence and trying to undermine the elected government we probably wouldn't be where we are now.

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