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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
Have you been reading The Daily Mail? Look at the facts not the rhetoric.

This country is already suffering an investment crash due to Brexit. Companies are already leaving. The impact on financial services will be huge. The impact on manufacturing will be huge. The impact of agriculture will be huge. There's hardly an industry that will benefit and most will suffer. Our growth is heading south compared to nearly all other major economies. The writing is writ large on very big walls.

It's only the rabid right wing press and the Boris/Gove/Rees-Mogg cabal that keeps spouting the referendum aphorisms about the EU - and they are demonstrably lies (350m/wk for the NHS??!!).

All these arguments about the EU taking our money are complete BS. We agreed to those budgets and we are the recipients of many of the benefits from them.

As to making our laws - they're mostly about regulatory alignment and in truth are nearly always to our benefit. Having common ways of doing things leads to frictionless trade which aids commerce. In any case, if we want to deal with the EU after Brexit then we'll need to meet these regulations anyhow - the difference is that we'll no longer haves any say in their construction.
I notice you avoiding answering my questions.

Which companies are leaving name some please.

Laws for our benefit ? Like reducing the power of vacuum cleaners to 900 watts to save energy. People will have to hoover twice as long to get their carpets as clean, so end up using the same/more energy and more time. It was simply a response to lobbying by German manufacturers who cant compete with Dyson.

We are a net contributor to the EU by a large amount. They give back some of our contribution to be used where they specify on what they decide.
So effectively we have only one vote in 28 on where to spend our money. I would rather we decide for ourselves and have some electoral control over the people making the decisions. Then if we dont like the decisions we can change the people.

Farming - so the efficient French farming system is what our farmers should aspire to ? They get around 40% of the total EU budget

We manage to trade with the rest of the world on WTO terms. The custom union actually inhibits us. As I said before its a protection racket for inefficient industries in the EU. It actually prevents innovation and hurts developing countries. Great system.

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