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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by wornish View Post
Robots are coming and a lot of the jobs in the motor industry will be replaced, leave or stay. Companies will invest where the workforce are prepared to change and learn new skills. Quite a lot of the car factories in the UK are world leaders in output efficiency are you saying companies will not want the benefit of our skilled workforce and management ?

Will the EU just stop buying cars next year because they are made in the UK ? The remain politicians seem to think so but business people are more pragmatic. I suppose BMW and Mercedes won't want to sell to us either.

Project Fear continues we cant possibly survive in the big bad world.
Lets all be good little EU poodles and do as we are told, keep paying them lots of 's and let them make all our laws.
Have you been reading The Daily Mail? Look at the facts not the rhetoric.

This country is already suffering an investment crash due to Brexit. Companies are already leaving. The impact on financial services will be huge. The impact on manufacturing will be huge. The impact of agriculture will be huge. There's hardly an industry that will benefit and most will suffer. Our growth is heading south compared to nearly all other major economies. The writing is writ large on very big walls.

It's only the rabid right wing press and the Boris/Gove/Rees-Mogg cabal that keeps spouting the referendum aphorisms about the EU - and they are demonstrably lies (350m/wk for the NHS??!!).

All these arguments about the EU taking our money are complete BS. We agreed to those budgets and we are the recipients of many of the benefits from them.

As to making our laws - they're mostly about regulatory alignment and in truth are nearly always to our benefit. Having common ways of doing things leads to frictionless trade which aids commerce. In any case, if we want to deal with the EU after Brexit then we'll need to meet these regulations anyhow - the difference is that we'll no longer haves any say in their construction.
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